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En Arche …. In the beginning … In the beginning God created …. In the beginning was the Word.

To an extent we often do not recognize our society has been shaped by those who have taken the Bible and the Christian faith seriously, who have taken God as the beginning of their thought and action. These leaders have thought Christianly about science, technology and medicine, social order and social justice, vocation and leisure, art, music and literature; and we have all benefited. This is the fundamental premise of En Arche, which unapologetically will publish articles, speeches, and other evidence of positive Christian impact throughout history and today for the information of the convinced and the unconvinced, and for the glory of God.

Kimberly Rupert
Spring Arbor University Provost

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One thought on “About En Arche

  1. Steve Wilson

    I love the mission of En Arche and hope to follow what you publish. Current generations of believers (especially those we are educating), and those they seek to influence toward the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ are in desperate need of what you aim to produce. Go for it!

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